Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Season 1

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Season 1

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2015-10-12
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 55
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Rebecca Bunch has always been wound a little tightly. It's something that served her well as she has raced up the ladder at her corporate law firm in New York. It may also be why she has no life. So when Rebecca bumps into Josh Chan - her handsome, long-ago summer camp-sweetheart – she knows that it's a sign. A sign for her to quit her job, drop everything, and move across the country to West Covina, California – where, in a huge, definitely-unrelated coincidence, Josh just happens to live. With her impressive re'sume', Rebecca quickly lands a new job at a local law firm, where her boss, Darryl, is more of a star-struck admirer than an authority figure. Not everyone is immediately enamored with the new hire, as the firm's head paralegal, Paula, is at first suspicious of Rebecca's reasons for relocation. However, in dealing with some secret personal troubles of her own, Paula becomes empathic to Rebecca's unrequited crush, and the two form a unique bond. Settling into her new Southern California surroundings, Rebecca eventually tears herself away from lurking on Josh's Facebook page long enough to agree to a date with Josh's friend, Greg, who works at the local sports bar. But Rebecca discovers her social media stalking has failed to uncover one important detail – Josh's girlfriend, Valencia. Rebecca's contagious, sometimes-delusional enthusiasm begins to stir the citizens of West Covina, including her cynical neighbor, Heather, shaking them up and giving them a new soundtrack to their lives.


Title Time Speed
1 Josh Just Happens to Live Here! 39:55 31,746 KB/s Download
2 Josh's Girlfriend Is Really Cool! 42:32 41,530 KB/s Download
3 I Hope Josh Comes to My Party! 42:34 30,440 KB/s Download
4 I'm Going on a Date with Josh's Friend! 42:01 49,835 KB/s Download
5 Josh and I Are Good People! 41:24 26,650 KB/s Download
6 My First Thanksgiving With Josh! 42:19 44,751 KB/s Download
7 I'm So Happy That Josh Is So Happy! 42:24 38,717 KB/s Download
8 My Mom, Greg's Mom and Josh's Sweet Danc 42:06 33,400 KB/s Download
9 I'm Going to the Beach with Josh and His 42:32 46,921 KB/s Download
10 I'm Back At Camp with Josh! 42:30 24,643 KB/s Download
11 That Text Was Not Meant for Josh! 42:33 29,672 KB/s Download
12 Josh and I Work On a Case! 41:17 22,204 KB/s Download
13 Josh and I Go to Los Angeles! 42:32 40,386 KB/s Download
14 Josh Is Going to Hawaii! 42:31 43,978 KB/s Download
15 Josh Has No Idea Where I Am! 40:13 25,129 KB/s Download
16 Josh's Sister Is Getting Married! 42:31 44,604 KB/s Download
17 Why Is Josh in a Bad Mood? 42:14 43,526 KB/s Download
18 Paula Needs to Get Over Josh! 42:32 21,188 KB/s Download
19 West Covina (Music Video) 03:20 46,999 KB/s Download
20 The Sexy Getting Ready Song (Music Video 02:31 48,159 KB/s Download
21 I'm So Good at Yoga (Music Video) 02:17 38,720 KB/s Download
22 Feelin' Kinda Naughty (Music Video) 02:01 44,275 KB/s Download
23 Face Your Fears (Music Video) 03:07 31,305 KB/s Download
24 I Have Friends (Music Video) 01:18 36,302 KB/s Download
25 A Boy Band Made Up of Four Joshs (Music 02:07 24,709 KB/s Download
26 Sex with a Stranger (Music Video) 02:15 45,502 KB/s Download
27 Settle For Me (Music Video) 03:29 29,907 KB/s Download
28 I Love My Daughter (But Not In a Creepy 02:20 37,978 KB/s Download
29 I'm a Good Person (Music Video) 02:01 26,393 KB/s Download
30 I Give Good Parent (Music Video) 02:03 49,465 KB/s Download
31 What'll it Be (Music Video) 03:03 31,760 KB/s Download
32 Sexy French Depression (Music Video) 02:14 49,198 KB/s Download
33 His Status Is…Preferred (Music Video) 02:34 26,103 KB/s Download
34 Where's the Bathroom (Music Video) 03:01 26,154 KB/s Download
35 California Christmastime (Music Video) 03:01 20,210 KB/s Download
36 Women Gotta Stick Together (Music Video) 02:48 23,653 KB/s Download
37 Having a Few People Over (Music Video) 01:12 45,924 KB/s Download
38 Put Yourself First (Music Video) 01:30 45,269 KB/s Download
39 Textmergency (Music Video) 02:59 24,405 KB/s Download
40 Where's The Rock? (Music Video) 00:53 32,357 KB/s Download
41 You Stupid Bitch (Music Video) 02:47 20,318 KB/s Download
42 Group Hang (Music Video) 02:18 42,395 KB/s Download
43 Cold Showers (Music Video) 02:08 24,367 KB/s Download
44 Jap Battle (Music Video) 02:53 29,419 KB/s Download
45 We Are the Cities and Towns of the San G 02:32 39,331 KB/s Download
46 Getting Bi (Music Video) 02:25 43,984 KB/s Download
47 Villian (Music Video) 03:16 50,754 KB/s Download
48 Dream Ghost (Music Video) 02:38 22,278 KB/s Download
49 I Could If I Wanted To (Music Video) 02:01 42,370 KB/s Download
50 Heavy Boobs (Music Video) 01:58 28,762 KB/s Download