Doc McStuffins, Pet Vet

Doc McStuffins, Pet Vet

Doc McStuffins

  • Genre: Kids & Family
  • Release Date: 2015-11-03
  • Advisory Rating: TV-Y
  • Episodes: 6
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Doc McStuffins has the purrrr-fect job as a Pet Vet! While Doc and the toys play hide and seek at the park, Stuffy stumbles upon a furry toy named Squibbles who keeps giving away his special hiding place. Then, it’s Stuffy’s first day as Squibbles’ new owner, but he’s not sure how to take care of a pet. And when Doc brings home a new toy kitten, Lambie tries to give the kitten a cuddle. So sit and stay for some more pet play!


Title Time Speed
1 Fetchin' Findo / Twin Tweaks 24:05 22,170 KB/s Download
2 A Dragon's Best Friend 24:05 46,798 KB/s Download
3 Take Your Pet to the Vet / Master and Co 24:05 29,700 KB/s Download
4 Stuffy and Squibbles / Queen of Thrones 24:05 44,237 KB/s Download
5 Demitri the Dazzling! / Smitten with a K 24:05 47,724 KB/s Download
6 The Search for Squibbles / Factory Fabul 24:05 23,828 KB/s Download