The Jetsons, Season 3

The Jetsons, Season 3

The Jetsons

  • Genre: Animation
  • Release Date: 1987-06-14
  • Episodes: 10
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The Jetsons are back in this 10-Episode, Complete Collection of their third and final season. George, his boy Elroy, daughter Judy, Jane his wife, as well as Astro, Rosie, Mr. Spacely (all voiced by the original cast) are all back for a final go-round of funtastic future endeavors. The season starts off with a bang as George goes up against the mobsters of tomorrow thanks to Elroy, and gets arrested for his efforts, then Elroy accidentally evolves Astro in to game show playing super-genius, while Judy triple moonlights outer space style to earn money for a new car. Other travails of tomorrow include George going invisible, the perils of modern dentistry, cybernetic Green Card marriages, man-eating houseplants, George clones and the terror of the annual father-daughter dance. It all comes to comedy climax as George ends up in charge of Spacely Sprockets! So strap on your rockets – it’s time to go back to the fun future!


Title Time Speed
1 Crime Games 22:01 27,298 KB/s Download
2 ASTRO-nomical I.Q. 22:02 47,808 KB/s Download
3 9 to 5 to 9 22:02 43,420 KB/s Download
4 Invisibly Yours, George 22:02 23,609 KB/s Download
5 Father/Daughter Dance 22:02 24,671 KB/s Download
6 Clean As a Hound's Tooth 22:04 42,697 KB/s Download
7 Wedding Bells for Rosie 21:54 35,365 KB/s Download
8 The Odd Pod 21:59 34,124 KB/s Download
9 Two Many Georges 22:02 41,363 KB/s Download
10 Spacely for a Day 22:02 25,677 KB/s Download