Ray Donovan, Season 4

Ray Donovan, Season 4

Ray Donovan

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2016-06-26
  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 13
From 435 Ratings


Season Four kicks off with series star Liev Schreiber taking the reins as director for the premiere episode, “Girl, With Guitar,” written by showrunner David Hollander. This season, Ray attempts to return to the fold of his family and the church in the wake of his confession to Father Romero. But this second chance at redemption is tested when he meets professional boxer Hector Campos and his volatile sister Marisol, who harbor a dangerous secret. In the aftermath of last season’s shootout with the Armenian Mafia, Ray is drawn into the web of Sonia Kovitzky, a wealthy art connoisseur who is determined to use Ray to further her agenda. Meanwhile, Mickey finds himself on the run in Nevada, scheming to exploit local casino owner Little Bill Primm. Newlyweds Bunchy and Teresa struggle to maintain their connection to each other as they prepare for their first child. Following his life-threatening injury, Terry channels his energy into the Fite Club, enlisting the help of Daryll to train a new recruit. And Abby receives shocking medical news that leaves her questioning her role as a wife and mother. A newly independent Bridget provides comfort and support during this tumultuous time as Conor begins to assert his autonomy with disastrous results.


Title Time Speed
1 Girl, with Guitar 58:43 36,254 KB/s Download
2 Marisol 53:45 26,836 KB/s Download
3 Little Bill Primm's Big Green Horseshoe 55:33 47,153 KB/s Download
4 Federal Boobie Inspector 57:53 46,521 KB/s Download
5 Get Even Before Leavin' 49:46 25,408 KB/s Download
6 Fish and Bird 58:07 33,651 KB/s Download
7 Norman Saves the World 54:29 37,831 KB/s Download
8 The Texan 56:18 29,480 KB/s Download
9 Goodbye, Beautiful 47:07 29,178 KB/s Download
10 Lake Hollywood 51:16 31,370 KB/s Download
11 Chinese Algebra 48:37 24,725 KB/s Download
12 Rattus rattus 1:03:29 25,826 KB/s Download
13 About Ray Donovan Season 4 02:45 42,652 KB/s Download