The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions

The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions

The Challenge

  • Genre: Reality TV
  • Release Date: 2017-02-07
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 20
From 28 Ratings


Season after season, hopeful Challenge competitors have fallen victim to cunning Challenge Champions. Now, for the first time ever, eighteen of the hungriest Underdogs will enter the game without any Champions standing in their way! These Underdogs will get the chance to prove that they are truly worthy of a win and can take home the gold. No more falling in line and no more being manipulated. But, just when the Underdogs think they have the game under control, they will be confronted with one of the biggest twists to ever hit The Challenge. Eight of the most vicious Challenge Champions will invade the game, vowing to defend their hard-fought titles! With a whopping $350,000 on the line, only the very best players will survive a brutal and cutthroat game. Not everyone will make it to the end, but for those who do, they will face off in the first ever three-day final challenge to see who is truly worthy of being called a Champion.


Title Time Speed
1 Gimme Shelter 40:39 45,822 KB/s Download
2 Skeletal Fracture 41:19 22,359 KB/s Download
3 Helter Shelter 41:19 30,350 KB/s Download
4 Four Tickets to Paradise 41:20 33,420 KB/s Download
5 Underdog Eat Underdog World 41:19 36,138 KB/s Download
6 The Mile-High Club 41:20 48,202 KB/s Download
7 Achy Breaky Heart 40:54 21,180 KB/s Download
8 A Low-down Dirty Shane 41:20 28,329 KB/s Download
9 An Officer and a Gentlewoman 41:19 27,716 KB/s Download
10 Go Your Own Way 41:25 50,647 KB/s Download
11 The Bloodbath 41:16 43,772 KB/s Download
12 Caged 41:17 22,509 KB/s Download
13 A River of Endless Light 41:17 37,146 KB/s Download
14 Math Is Hard 41:17 38,188 KB/s Download
15 The True Champions 41:16 27,355 KB/s Download
16 Reunion 41:16 37,142 KB/s Download
17 The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions 01:11 22,660 KB/s Download
18 Hall of Fame: Ct 20:44 30,477 KB/s Download
19 Hall of Fame: Johnny Bananas 20:43 47,790 KB/s Download
20 EpicFails 20:44 44,493 KB/s Download