Claws, Season 1

Claws, Season 1


  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2017-06-11
  • Episodes: 10
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Set in a South Florida nail salon, CLAWS is a midnight-dark, wickedly funny meditation on female badness which follows the rise of five diverse and treacherous Florida manicurists at the Nail Artisan of Manatee County Salon, where there is a lot more going on than silk wraps and pedicures. At the center is salon owner Desna (Niecy Nash), who lives with and cares for her mentally ill twin brother, Dean (Harold Perrineau). Desna's staff includes best friend Jennifer (Jenn Lyon), a tenuously sober ex-party girl raising two children from previous relationships; Quiet Ann (Judy Reyes), Desna's enigmatic driver who also provides security for the salon; Polly (Carrie Preston), a mild-mannered preppy who recently served time in prison for identity theft; and Virginia (Karrueche Tran), who makes no effort to hide her boredom and impatience with her job.


Title Time Speed
1 La Tirana 54:47 30,163 KB/s Download
2 Funerary 49:49 37,404 KB/s Download
3 Quicksand 46:23 48,591 KB/s Download
4 Fallout 47:02 31,380 KB/s Download
5 Bats**t 46:16 40,524 KB/s Download
6 Self Portrait 48:40 31,308 KB/s Download
7 Escape 47:44 35,481 KB/s Download
8 Teatro 45:21 41,967 KB/s Download
9 Ambrosia 49:01 40,672 KB/s Download
10 Avalanche 46:54 22,213 KB/s Download