Inch High Private Eye: The Complete Series

Inch High Private Eye: The Complete Series

Inch High Private Eye

  • Genre: Animation
  • Release Date: 1973-09-08
  • Episodes: 13


Able to spy on criminals from inside a matchbox, disguise himself as an earring, he's Inch-High Private Eye, the most miniature Bogart to ever bag a bad guy. Unfortunately, Inch's brain is also tiny. With a penchant for doing things the hard way, he fumbles, bungles and botches every operation. But luck is on his side ... along with his resourceful niece, Lori; his huge assistant, Tank; and his two dogs Braveheart, a faithful Saint Bernard he rides like a horse, and Whozit, his Chihuahua.


Title Time Speed
1 Diamonds Are a Crook's Best Friend 23:50 33,542 KB/s Download
2 You Ought to Be in Pictures 23:49 50,377 KB/s Download
3 The Smugglers 23:51 31,781 KB/s Download
4 Counterfeit Story 23:48 42,199 KB/s Download
5 The Mummy's Curse 23:49 42,606 KB/s Download
6 The Doll Maker 23:52 45,555 KB/s Download
7 Music Maestro 23:50 33,616 KB/s Download
8 Dude City 23:48 20,498 KB/s Download
9 High Fashion 23:47 38,976 KB/s Download
10 The Cat Burglars 23:47 48,893 KB/s Download
11 The World's Greatest Animals 23:49 34,641 KB/s Download
12 Super Flea 23:53 39,794 KB/s Download
13 The Return of Spumoni 23:47 38,226 KB/s Download