Shameless, Season 8

Shameless, Season 8


  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2017-11-05
  • Episodes: 14
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The Gallaghers are finally on an upswing in Season Eight! Frank comes out of a drug-induced haze and decides it’s finally time to be a contributing member of society. While Fiona (Rossum) faces hard decisions when she discovers her success as a landlord may mean someone else’s misfortune. Lip struggles with unexpected sacrifices he must make to stay sober, while Ian takes up a cause in hopes of getting back with Trevor. Debbie builds her future at welding school while juggling life as a single working mom, as Carl gets creative finding tuition money after he loses his scholarship. Meanwhile, Liam discovers just how different the Gallaghers are from the families of his rich classmates as Frank schools him on “sticking it to the man!” Meanwhile, Kev and V have to find a way to deal with Svetlana after she steals their bar, The Alibi.


Title Time Speed
1 We Become What We… Frank! 54:41 22,605 KB/s Download
2 Where's My Meth?! 55:14 45,584 KB/s Download
3 God Bless Her Rotting Soul 53:45 38,791 KB/s Download
4 Fuck Paying It Forward 53:33 43,260 KB/s Download
5 The (Mis)Education of Liam Fergus Beirch 58:03 28,212 KB/s Download
6 Icarus Fell. And Rusty Ate Him 54:12 21,479 KB/s Download
7 Occupy Fiona 53:48 23,877 KB/s Download
8 Frank's Northern Shuttle Express 55:02 50,796 KB/s Download
9 The Fugees 57:19 22,930 KB/s Download
10 The Church of Gay Jesus 56:42 35,722 KB/s Download
11 A Gallagher Pedicure 53:23 24,767 KB/s Download
12 Sleepwalking 57:15 27,638 KB/s Download
13 My Shameless Sister 05:02 41,262 KB/s Download
14 My Shameless Mentors 07:39 22,823 KB/s Download