Good Witch, Season 4

Good Witch, Season 4

Good Witch

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2018-03-30
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 11
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Season 4 of Good Witch picks up with Cassie and Sam’s new engagement and what that means for our cast of characters in Middleton. Having regrets from his past marriage, Sam dives head first into his engagement to Cassie as he vows to be more present this time around. Cassie learns to speak up and tell those around her what she needs and wants,—maybe without her magic—especially in the early stages of wedding planning. Grace and Nick, still at odds, grapple with what a brother-sister relationship will mean and look like together under one roof. Abigail deals with her own family growing pains when her father turns up in Middleton, pushing her to recognize the value of the home she’s built and those who fill it. This season we’ll see Stephanie continue to mend her broken heart and head down a new path, as well as follow Martha down the familiar streets of Middleton. At the heart of the season, one of growth and new beginnings, is the magic of our very own Good Witch.


Title Time Speed
1 With This Ring 43:40 20,786 KB/s Download
2 In 4/4, with Emotion 42:35 41,865 KB/s Download
3 Daddy's Home 42:07 25,545 KB/s Download
4 Family Time 42:22 38,578 KB/s Download
5 Written Like a Merriwick 42:12 46,386 KB/s Download
6 Match Game 42:47 29,375 KB/s Download
7 'Til Death Do Us Part 42:20 45,675 KB/s Download
8 All Dressed Up 41:52 21,864 KB/s Download
9 How to Make a Middleton Quilt 41:37 34,315 KB/s Download
10 Tossing the Bouquet 42:07 49,482 KB/s Download
11 Good Witch: Spellbound 1:24:08 32,148 KB/s Download