The Outpost, Season 1

The Outpost, Season 1

The Outpost

  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Release Date: 2018-07-11
  • Episodes: 10
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Talon becomes the last of the “Blackbloods” after her village is slaughtered. She crosses the world to a remote frontier town, a military base called “The Outpost.” A haven for outcasts and those rejected by the world, Talon fits right in, surrounded by new friends and enemies. She struggles to enact vengeance on the men who killed her family, while eluding the Outpost’s relentless sheriff. She becomes fast friends with a socially challenged barkeeper named Janzo, and becomes entangled in a love triangle between Garret (a military Captain) and the base commander’s headstrong daughter, Gwynn. Life seems hopeful for Talon until the Prime Order (a religious dictatorship that rules the world) discovers her, and that her black blood enables her to summon demons. The Prime Order descends on the Outpost to threaten her and everyone she cares about. Talon must learn to master her supernatural powers, and trust the help of her new friends, or the Outpost and everyone in it will be destroyed.


Title Time Speed
1 One Is the Loneliest Number 42:27 46,600 KB/s Download
2 Two Heads Are Better Than None 42:28 29,318 KB/s Download
3 The Mistress and the Worm 42:26 22,656 KB/s Download
4 Strange Bedfellows 42:26 37,151 KB/s Download
5 Bones to Pick 42:28 32,629 KB/s Download
6 The Book of Names 42:13 34,495 KB/s Download
7 The Colipsum Conundrum 41:43 48,215 KB/s Download
8 Beyond the Wall 41:17 21,349 KB/s Download
9 The Vex Rezicon 42:17 27,153 KB/s Download
10 The Dragman is Coming 42:28 37,164 KB/s Download