Stars of Space Jam: Tasmanian Devil

Stars of Space Jam: Tasmanian Devil

Stars of Space Jam

  • Genre: Animation
  • Release Date: 1996-11-26
  • Episodes: 6


From outer space to out of control! Space Jam’s Tasmanian Devil is on a six-episode rampage in this greatest-hits cartoon assortment. In Devil May Hare, it’s not surprising that Bugs Bunny wonders just what the devil a Tasmanian Devil is, because this is the spinning diablo’s first screen appearance. A Bedevilled Rabbit (guess who?) tries to cool Taz’s jets by impersonating a she-Devil and in Ducking the Devil, that Daffy Duckster (woo-hoo!) makes a little music to soothe the savage beastie. The fun keeps cooking for restaurant patron Taz in Bill of Hare. Next, Taz does the fright thing in Dr. Devil and Mr. Hare and then proves that frightening does strike twice with The Fright Before Christmas. Tazzy Holidays!


Title Time Speed
1 Devil May Hare 06:53 41,769 KB/s Download
2 Bedevilled Rabbit 06:47 47,973 KB/s Download
3 Ducking the Devil 06:38 49,841 KB/s Download
4 Bill of Hare 06:25 31,521 KB/s Download
5 Dr. Devil and Mr. Hare 06:34 40,956 KB/s Download
6 The Fright Before Christmas 09:12 38,461 KB/s Download