iZombie, Season 5

iZombie, Season 5


  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2019-05-02
  • Episodes: 11
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In season 5 of iZOMBIE, our heroes try to keep the peace in the zombie state that is New Seattle, but with starving zombies on one side and terrified humans on the other, they’ll have their work cut out for them. Liv faces off with the U.S. military and Major, now the head of Fillmore Graves, has to worry about dissent in the ranks dissatisfied with his warmhearted treatment of humans. Peyton, still the acting mayor, will use her power to attempt to make the rest of the world see Seattle as something other than a lawless wasteland. Ravi will work tirelessly on a cure that may be the only thing that can stave off widespread violence. And through it all, Liv and Clive will continue to solve the murder cases that come across Clive’s desk, the murders themselves becoming more and more tied to the societal breakdown taking place all around them.


Title Time Speed
1 Thug Death 42:22 46,406 KB/s Download
2 Dead Lift 42:22 28,191 KB/s Download
3 Five, Six, Seven, Ate! 42:22 47,723 KB/s Download
4 Dot Zom 42:05 47,187 KB/s Download
5 Death Moves Pretty Fast 42:27 41,686 KB/s Download
6 The Scratchmaker 42:09 20,518 KB/s Download
7 Filleted to Rest 42:21 27,426 KB/s Download
8 Death of a Car Salesman 42:10 27,839 KB/s Download
9 The Fresh Princess 42:19 22,491 KB/s Download
10 Night and the Zombie City 42:28 49,698 KB/s Download
11 Killer Queen 42:20 44,929 KB/s Download