Riverdale, Season 4

Riverdale, Season 4


  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2019-10-10
  • Episodes: 11
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It’s senior year for Archie and the gang, which means football games, River Vixens, parties, a new principal, and the ever-dreaded college applications. But senior year also means bittersweet moments like the first last day of high school. In season four of RIVERDALE, Archie will honor his father’s legacy while also developing a deeper connection with his mother; Betty will work to uncover more about her mother and sister; Veronica will go unsupervised while her parents spend time in jail; and Jughead will turn more to writing. Plus, Cheryl will find an unlikely business partner, Kevin will be involved in a questionable out-of-school project, and Reggie will address his past with Veronica.


Title Time Speed
1 Chapter Fifty-Eight: "In Memoriam" 42:08 27,880 KB/s Download
2 Chapter Fifty-Nine: "Fast Times at River 42:21 35,614 KB/s Download
3 Chapter Sixty: "Dog Day Afternoon" 42:23 27,649 KB/s Download
4 Chapter Sixty-One: “Halloween” 42:27 35,393 KB/s Download
5 Chapter Sixty-Two: "Witness for the Pros 41:34 34,147 KB/s Download
6 Chapter Sixty-Three: “Hereditary” 42:23 50,879 KB/s Download
7 Chapter Sixty-Four: “The Ice Storm” 42:28 45,754 KB/s Download
8 Chapter Sixty-Five: “In Treatment” 42:21 47,850 KB/s Download
9 Chapter Sixty-Six: "Tangerine" 42:27 35,610 KB/s Download
10 Chapter Sixty-Seven: "Varsity Blues" 42:23 41,335 KB/s Download
11 Riverdale: 2019 Comic-Con Panel 27:11 37,640 KB/s Download