Dog the Bounty Hunter, Vol. 1

Dog the Bounty Hunter, Vol. 1

Dog the Bounty Hunter

  • Genre: Reality TV
  • Release Date: 2007-04-17
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 16
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You've heard the name. Now meet the legend as Duane "Dog" Chapman lets you enter his world. This exciting series follows the real-life exploits of an expert bounty hunter, giving viewers total access to Dog and his posse while they risk their necks trying to bring in fugitives from the law. While Dog employs strength, cunning, and the power of persuasion to catch his prey, no mission could be completed without the assistance of his posse — and for Dog, hunting fugitives is a family affair. His wife and business partner, Beth, helps out every step of the way, supporting Dog in the field, handling most of the paperwork, and checking up on leads, warrants, and fugitive addresses. His sons, Leland and Duane Lee, are also important members of Dog's crew and while not a relative, longtime business partner Tim Chapman is considered a "blood brother" by the legendary bounty hunter.


Title Time Speed
1 The Lost Dog Pilot 21:34 43,694 KB/s Download
2 Meet the Chapmans 21:34 37,399 KB/s Download
3 Father and Son 20:34 34,179 KB/s Download
4 The Competition 21:34 28,856 KB/s Download
5 Bounty Hunters Have Hearts Too 21:05 25,118 KB/s Download
6 Love's Labors Lost and Found 21:34 37,219 KB/s Download
7 The Godfather of Waikiki 21:34 38,564 KB/s Download
8 Justin's Big Day 21:34 26,772 KB/s Download
9 It's Good to Be Home 21:34 43,939 KB/s Download
10 You Can't Go Home Again 21:34 29,926 KB/s Download
11 A Family Feud 21:34 46,334 KB/s Download
12 Sons and Daughters 21:35 43,882 KB/s Download
13 The Sweep 21:54 45,325 KB/s Download
14 Stress Management 21:53 46,946 KB/s Download
15 Where There's Smoke 21:34 50,422 KB/s Download
16 Second Chances 21:34 35,825 KB/s Download