Deadliest Catch, Season 2

Deadliest Catch, Season 2

Deadliest Catch

  • Genre: Reality TV
  • Release Date: 2006-03-28
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 12
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Rough waves and fierce weather make winter on the Bering Sea a difficult and dangerous place to do business. For the fishermen who work these waters, risk to life and limb is just another part of the job. Deadliest Catch takes viewers deep into the Bering Sea through three of the toughest fishing seasons in the world. Season 2 starts with king crab season, which serves as a warm-up for the fast and furious cod fishing season. Only 25 boats have licenses to cod fish because most don't think the work is worth the reward. The five man crew work 72 grueling hours straight, deliver their catch, and then go back out. With cash from cod and a full hold of bait, the crews changeover their fishing gear and head deep into the icy-filled Northern waters of the Bering Sea, home of the Opilio crab. Opilio crab fishing brings colder temperatures, rougher seas and is even more dangerous.


Title Time Speed
1 Heading Out to Sea 43:42 44,594 KB/s Download
2 Batten Down the Hatches 43:38 31,518 KB/s Download
3 On the Crab 43:38 49,738 KB/s Download
4 The Finish Line 43:38 22,910 KB/s Download
5 Friends and Rivals 43:38 20,291 KB/s Download
6 A New Hunt Begins 43:38 46,456 KB/s Download
7 Smoke On the Water 43:38 36,114 KB/s Download
8 Man vs. Ice 43:42 47,405 KB/s Download
9 On the Edge 43:40 26,390 KB/s Download
10 Pribilof Stare 43:42 37,436 KB/s Download
11 Race Against the Ice 43:38 32,216 KB/s Download
12 Cashing In 43:38 42,479 KB/s Download