Futurama, Season 1

Futurama, Season 1


  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 1999-03-28
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 9
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Fry, a young Everyman, finds himself accidentally transported 1,000 years in the future. Just like right now, life in the future is a complex mix of the wonderful and horrible, where things are still laughable no matter how wild and crazy they get. And against a backdrop of pesky aliens, exasperating robots and malfunctioning gadgets, people still struggle with the same daily anxieties of life and love . . . and, of course, traffic is still a nightmare! Having literally escaped his unfulfilled past, Fry uses his newfound sense of freedom to help his friends in the future escape their regimented lives. His companions include Leela, a beautiful female alien who can kick some serious butt, and Bender, a hopelessly neurotic assembly line robot. Working together, Fry and his colleagues buck the system in pursuit of happiness. And with each passing day, the future becomes Fry's home.


Title Time Speed
1 Space Pilot 3000 22:31 30,193 KB/s Download
2 The Series Has Landed 22:32 49,769 KB/s Download
3 I, Roommate 22:31 21,539 KB/s Download
4 Love's Labours Lost In Space 22:31 48,235 KB/s Download
5 Fear of a Bot Planet 22:31 32,170 KB/s Download
6 A Fishful of Dollars 22:30 25,454 KB/s Download
7 My Three Suns 22:31 21,260 KB/s Download
8 A Big Piece of Garbage 22:31 38,139 KB/s Download
9 Hell Is Other Robots 22:31 25,539 KB/s Download