Lie to Me, Season 1

Lie to Me, Season 1

Lie to Me

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2009-01-22
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 13
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In Season One, Cal heads up a private agency contracted by the FBI, local police, law firms, corporations, and private individuals when they hit roadblocks in their searches for the truth. Joining him are a variety of experts in the field of behavioral evaluation: Dr. Gillian Foster is a gifted psychologist and Cal's professional partner, a woman whose guidance Cal needs, whether he knows it or not; Will Loker is Cal's lead researcher, and he is so aware of the human tendency to lie that he has decided to uncomplicate matters and practice what he terms "radical honesty:" he says everything on his mind at all times. Ria Torres, the newest member of the team, arrives at the truth differently by acting more on instinct and using her natural, less-studied ability to read body language and catch certain clues that Cal's other pledges may miss. Lie to Me probes how people can deceive themselves just as easily as they deceive others, and explores the idea that there is nothing more revealing than when we choose to tell the truth and when we decide to lie.


Title Time Speed
1 Pilot 46:42 27,940 KB/s Download
2 Moral Waiver 43:51 46,736 KB/s Download
3 A Perfect Score 44:01 46,709 KB/s Download
4 Love Always 42:54 20,947 KB/s Download
5 Unchained 43:58 37,555 KB/s Download
6 Do No Harm 43:50 46,368 KB/s Download
7 The Best Policy 43:54 41,824 KB/s Download
8 Depraved Heart 43:57 23,694 KB/s Download
9 Life Is Priceless 43:02 25,980 KB/s Download
10 Better Half 43:58 41,579 KB/s Download
11 Undercover 43:51 36,652 KB/s Download
12 Blinded 43:58 23,453 KB/s Download
13 Sacrifice 43:59 26,627 KB/s Download