Friends, Season 8

Friends, Season 8


  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2001-09-27
  • Episodes: 24
From 2,670 Ratings


Friends continues at the top of its game in this eighth exceptional season that won the Emmy® Award for Outstanding Comedy Series. Moments after Monica and Chandler's wedding reception, the news arrives of an impending birth – but it turns out to be Rachel's! And the unknowing father is Ross. But as Rachel's hormones kick into high gear, so does the craziness as she gets romantically mixed up with Joey. Meanwhile, Chandler's obsessed with Monica's forbidden closet and plenty of guest stars stop by, including Sean Penn, who joins the gang during a Halloween party. Plus, Phoebe stalks rock superstar Sting through his wife, Alec Baldwin makes an indelible impression as Mr. Positive-Man Parker and Brad Pitt guest stars as an old high school friend of Rachel’s who absolutely, positively can't stand her. And, with Rachel's baby joining the crib in the season finale, you won't want to miss a single hilarious episode.


Title Time Speed
1 The One After "I Do" 22:28 38,387 KB/s Download
2 The One With the Red Sweater 21:56 28,468 KB/s Download
3 The One Where Rachel Tells Ross 21:59 48,540 KB/s Download
4 The One With the Videotape 22:26 29,148 KB/s Download
5 The One With Rachel's Date 21:58 42,488 KB/s Download
6 The One With the Halloween Party 21:57 47,250 KB/s Download
7 The One With the Stain 21:58 29,296 KB/s Download
8 The One With the Stripper 21:47 33,456 KB/s Download
9 The One With the Rumor 21:56 37,959 KB/s Download
10 The One With Monica's Boots 21:57 35,711 KB/s Download
11 The One With Ross's Step Forward 21:57 47,828 KB/s Download
12 The One Where Joey Dates Rachel 21:57 47,358 KB/s Download
13 The One Where Chandler Takes a Bath 21:37 26,822 KB/s Download
14 The One With the Secret Closet 21:56 33,582 KB/s Download
15 The One With the Birthing Video 21:58 40,216 KB/s Download
16 The One Where Joey Tells Rachel 21:08 45,317 KB/s Download
17 The One With the Tea Leaves 21:57 33,184 KB/s Download
18 The One In Massapequa 21:56 40,437 KB/s Download
19 The One With Joey's Interview 21:59 38,963 KB/s Download
20 The One With the Baby Shower 21:57 33,369 KB/s Download
21 The One With the Cooking Class 21:56 32,372 KB/s Download
22 The One Where Rachel Is Late 21:55 34,726 KB/s Download
23 The One Where Rachel Has a Baby, Pt. 1 21:56 36,905 KB/s Download
24 The One Where Rachel Has a Baby, Pt. 2 21:57 22,189 KB/s Download