Real World Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins

Real World Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins

Real World Road Rules Challenge

  • Genre: Reality TV
  • Release Date: 2009-09-30
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 10


Twenty-eight competitors have been tapped to compete in an exciting new Real World Road Rules Challenge. They will meet in exotic Thailand to see who can face the rigors of "The Ruins" — a head-to-head battle between two competitors, where one man and one woman will be eliminated. As with any Challenge, the competitor who plays their cards right and forms the best alliances will find they have the power. Those who do not may just find themselves in The Ruins. However, in Thailand, going into the elimination round is a risk that could pay off, as the winner ends up acquiring their opponent's bank account. Only the players that make it to the end will walk away with the cash they've banked and compete in the finale. Ultimately, friendships will be put to the test, hearts will be broken, and battles will rage — both on and off the playing field — as players do whatever it takes to be crowned the winners of The Ruins!


Title Time Speed
1 Wes Side Story 1:03:04 30,133 KB/s Download
2 The Booby Trap 42:02 43,273 KB/s Download
3 The Road to Ruins 41:52 20,319 KB/s Download
4 Girls Gone Wild 41:51 48,451 KB/s Download
5 Reversal of Fortune 41:52 31,145 KB/s Download
6 Ruining On Empty 41:52 33,197 KB/s Download
7 Silence of the Ruins 41:52 33,631 KB/s Download
8 Thai Me Up! Thai Me Down! 41:52 40,842 KB/s Download
9 Muay So-Called Ruins 41:45 28,921 KB/s Download
10 Good Thai and Good Luck 41:51 49,640 KB/s Download