I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown

I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown

Peanuts' Charlie Brown

  • Genre: Animation
  • Release Date: 2009-11-30
  • Episodes: 1


Christmas goes to the dogs in this delightful holiday charmer! Have you ever felt like “happiness is a warm puppy?” Rerun Van Pelt sure does. As the youngest sibling, Rerun finds it hard to pry older brother Linus away from his security blanket, and almost impossible to relate to crabby older sister Lucy. All Rerun wants for Christmas is his very own dog. But Rerun’s mom doesn’t think he’s ready, and Charlie Brown won’t part with Snoopy. So, when Snoopy’s brother Spike visits, Rerun is determined to adopt him. But is he really ready for Spike – who’s part beagle and part disaster? Furry fun and friendship are unleashed in this yuletide Peanuts perennial. Also included is another holiday tale — "Happy New Year, Charlie Brown" – where Charlie Brown must complete a book report on War and Peace over the holiday break. True to form, there is no peace on earth for the constantly distracted Charlie Brown!


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