The Suite Life On Deck, Vol. 1

The Suite Life On Deck, Vol. 1

The Suite Life On Deck

  • Genre: Kids
  • Release Date: 2008-09-26
  • Advisory Rating: TV-G
  • Episodes: 11
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It's the Suite Life on the high seas when Zack and Cody leave the Tipton Hotel and mom behind to attend Seven Seas High aboard luxury cruise liner, the SS Tipton. London joins them for the semester at sea because her father knows it's the one school she can't ditch, at least not without getting her hair wet – which she hates. London’s new roommate is fifteen-year-old Bailey, fresh off the farm and less worldly than London, but she is incredibly book smart and thrilled to have shaken the dust of Kettlecorn, Kansas off her feet. Meanwhile, a reluctant Mr. Moseby has been reassigned to be the "hotel manager” of the SS Tipton to watch over London, but when he finds out Zack and Cody are also coming along, it's man overboard!


Title Time Speed
1 The Suite Life Sets Sail 22:54 46,129 KB/s Download
2 Parrot Island 22:25 26,115 KB/s Download
3 Broke N' Yo Yo 23:09 30,365 KB/s Download
4 The Kidney of the Sea 22:40 30,491 KB/s Download
5 Show & Tell 22:39 41,253 KB/s Download
6 International Dateline 23:10 28,457 KB/s Download
7 It's All Greek to Me 22:40 49,625 KB/s Download
8 Sea Monster Mash 22:40 38,339 KB/s Download
9 Flowers and Chocolate 22:39 26,951 KB/s Download
10 Boo You 22:40 47,329 KB/s Download
11 seaHarmony 22:40 29,730 KB/s Download