Looney Tunes: Foghorn Leghorn

Looney Tunes: Foghorn Leghorn

Looney Tunes: Foghorn Leghorn

  • Genre: Animation
  • Release Date: 2011-12-12
  • Episodes: 17


“Pay attention when I’m talkin’ to ya, son!” Foghorn J. Leghorn, the loudest mouth in the South, rules the roost in this exclusive collection of 17 Looney Tunes shorts. The ever-courtly barnyard banterer always has something crow about in these rarely seen cartoon classics. Drawn and directed by Robert McKimson and voiced by the incomparable Mel Blanc, this unforgettable collection follows Foggy’s funny farmyard adventures as goes claw to paw against his nemesis, the Barnyard Dawg. But, there’s also high-flying fun as the Fogster faces down a pair of Chicken Hawks “Dixie Fryer,” fawns over Miss Prissy in “Lovelorn Leghorn,” feigns being a father figure to Egghead Jr. in “Feather Dusted,” and fights the famous Kid Bantry in “Sock-a-Doodle-Doo!” Also, included in this cartoon carton of animated eggs is Leghorn’s last Looney Tunes short, 1963’s “Banty Raids,” where FJL deals with a beatnik rooster with an eye for the hens. Birds of a feather laugh together with Foggy and Friends!


Title Time Speed
1 Banty Raids 06:20 33,324 KB/s Download
2 Crockett-Doodle-Doo 06:02 45,291 KB/s Download
3 The Dixie Fryer 06:15 30,745 KB/s Download
4 Feather Bluster 06:12 28,709 KB/s Download
5 Feather Dusted 06:44 26,426 KB/s Download
6 Fox-Terror 06:47 24,553 KB/s Download
7 A Fractured Leghorn 07:01 34,438 KB/s Download
8 Leghorn Blows At Midnight 07:12 38,289 KB/s Download
9 Little Boy Boo 06:43 23,132 KB/s Download
10 Lovelorn Leghorn 07:20 21,428 KB/s Download
11 Mother Was a Rooster 05:57 27,791 KB/s Download
12 Of Rice and Hen 06:33 28,983 KB/s Download
13 Plop Goes the Weasel 06:41 31,991 KB/s Download
14 The Slick Chick 06:33 24,131 KB/s Download
15 Sock-a-Doodle Doo 07:17 31,407 KB/s Download
16 Weasel Stop 06:18 48,814 KB/s Download
17 Weasel While You Work 06:17 38,773 KB/s Download