I, Claudius, Season 1

I, Claudius, Season 1

I, Claudius

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 1976-09-20
  • Episodes: 12
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Rated one of the “100 Best TV Shows of All Time” by Time magazine, this epic BBC series spans the history of the Roman Empire from Augustus through Claudius, a stuttering scholar who learns early to play the fool and stay alive. Based on the novels by Robert Graves, it stars Derek Jacobi (The King’s Speech, Cadfael) in a career-defining role. Siân Phillips (The Age of Innocence) is “exquisitely wicked” (Los Angeles Times) as the lethal Livia, wife to Augustus (Brian Blessed, Hamlet), while John Hurt (The Elephant Man) is “decadence personified” (USA Today) as the depraved Caligula, whose reign of terror paves the way for Claudius’s ascension.


Title Time Speed
1 A Touch of Murder 1:37:45 49,213 KB/s Download
2 Waiting in the Wings 50:08 33,290 KB/s Download
3 What Shall We Do About Claudius? 51:45 50,287 KB/s Download
4 Poison Is Queen 51:05 31,230 KB/s Download
5 Some Justice 51:43 27,339 KB/s Download
6 Queen of Heaven 52:09 43,368 KB/s Download
7 Reign of Terror 51:13 41,335 KB/s Download
8 Zeus, By Jove! 51:22 48,978 KB/s Download
9 Hail Who? 54:07 24,618 KB/s Download
10 Fool’s Luck 51:48 21,841 KB/s Download
11 A God in Colchester 51:45 33,193 KB/s Download
12 Old King Log 53:20 39,452 KB/s Download