Disney Mickey Mouse, Vol. 2

Disney Mickey Mouse, Vol. 2

Disney Mickey Mouse

  • Genre: Kids & Family
  • Release Date: 2013-10-05
  • Advisory Rating: TV-G
  • Episodes: 10
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In this second volume of all-new cartoon shorts, the world’s favorite mouse is finding himself in new silly situations all around the world! Mickey’s car breaks down smack dab in the middle of somewhere spooky. No problem, he’ll just fix it and be on his way – BUT his toolbox lacks the proper wrench, and he’s about to come face-to-skull with a zombie-fied whatchamacallit! Pluto’s a shoe-in to win the prestigious 77th Annual Kennel Club Show – until Goofy tries to get in on the act and the going gets “ruff.” While rowing his gondola past a quaint ristorante on the Grand Canal of Venice, Italy, Mickey is suddenly smitten by the loveliest signorina he’s ever seen: Minnie! From sleepwalking to wrestling, Mickey never knows what new adventures await him in this new volume of ten cartoon shorts.


Title Time Speed
1 Ghoul Friend 03:49 39,728 KB/s Download
2 Dog Show 03:49 49,763 KB/s Download
3 O Sole Minnie 03:49 21,741 KB/s Download
4 Potatoland 07:19 29,258 KB/s Download
5 Sleepwalkin' 03:49 36,578 KB/s Download
6 Flipperboobootosis 03:49 45,885 KB/s Download
7 Tapped Out 03:49 39,682 KB/s Download
8 Third Wheel 03:49 26,290 KB/s Download
9 The Adorable Couple 03:49 32,552 KB/s Download
10 Cable Car Chaos 03:49 40,878 KB/s Download