The Curse of Oak Island, Season 1

The Curse of Oak Island, Season 1

The Curse of Oak Island

  • Genre: Nonfiction
  • Release Date: 2014-01-05
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 5
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The Curse of Oak Island, a new series on HISTORY®, follows two brothers as they pursue a childhood dream of finding buried treasure on a mysterious island near Nova Scotia. The island has captured imaginations since 1795, when three boys discovered a deep, reinforced hole scattered with manmade artifacts. For 200 years, many have taken on the hunt, only to be left with decimated fortunes, broken spirits and lost lives. But the treacherous pursuit search continues with Rick Lagina leading the way, who hashaving been obsessed with the island since he was 11. He and his brother Marty bought part of Oak Island and have now launched their quest in earnest. Will they have better luck than others? A prophecy says that seven people will die before the treasure is found, and six have already died.


Title Time Speed
1 What Lies Below 43:42 25,344 KB/s Download
2 The Mystery of Smith's Cove 43:59 31,520 KB/s Download
3 Voices from the Grave 42:58 40,579 KB/s Download
4 The Secret of Solomon's Temple 42:22 26,958 KB/s Download
5 The Find 42:23 30,960 KB/s Download