This Is America, Charlie Brown

This Is America, Charlie Brown

Peanuts' Charlie Brown

  • Genre: Animation
  • Release Date: 1988-10-21
  • Episodes: 8


From the voyage of the Mayflower to the bold exploration of outer space, join the Peanuts gang as they take you on a timeless journey through American history! Groove along with Charlie Brown and Snoopy as they discover the beginnings of jazz and ragtime music, cleverly accompanied by Lucy’s speech about American heroes. Soar with the Wright brothers, blast into orbit on the NASA space station, and create some the world’s most influential inventions alongside such greats as Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford! So all aboard the transcontinental railroad with Peanuts because This Is America, Charlie Brown!


Title Time Speed
1 Mayflower Voyagers 24:17 21,235 KB/s Download
2 The Birth of the Constitution 24:09 25,799 KB/s Download
3 The Wright Brothers At Kitty Hawk 24:27 39,630 KB/s Download
4 The NASA Space Station 24:28 24,376 KB/s Download
5 The Building of the Transcontinental Rai 24:24 30,451 KB/s Download
6 The Great Inventors 24:17 41,327 KB/s Download
7 The Smithsonian and the Presidency 24:23 22,434 KB/s Download
8 The Music and Heroes of America 24:21 26,105 KB/s Download