Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways

Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways

Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways

  • Genre: Nonfiction
  • Release Date: 2014-10-06
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 27
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This eight part series follows Foo Fighters as they make their 8th album. Directed by Dave Grohl, each episode is devoted to different American musical landmarks, chronicling the histories, cultures, environments--and of course the human beings—that define each city’s unique musical identity. Set in Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Seattle, and Washington, D.C., Sonic Highways features appearances from the local legends who have become the musical and cultural ambassadors of those cities, including Buddy Guy, Joe Walsh, Dolly Parton, Rick Nielsen, Bad Brains, Chuck D, Gibby Haynes, Allen Toussaint, Carrie Underwood, and a host of others. Described by Grohl as a love letter to the history of American music, Grohl and bandmates Taylor Hawkins, Nate Mendel, Chris Shiflett and Pat Smear, along with producer Butch Vig, based themselves at a legendary studio integral to the unique history and character of each of these great American musical capitals. One song was recorded in each city as the band delved hard into the local musical currents: discovering how each region shaped these musicians in their formative years, and in turn the impact those people had on the cultural fabric of their hometowns. Season Pass Bonus Content Includes over 3 hours of bonus footage.10 extended interviews & 2+ hours inside the recording of Sonic Highways.


Title Time Speed
1 Chicago 59:29 27,326 KB/s Download
2 Washington DC: The Feast and the Famine 59:25 22,952 KB/s Download
3 Nashville: Congregation 59:13 29,148 KB/s Download
4 Austin: What Did I Do? / God As My Witne 59:13 45,289 KB/s Download
5 Los Angeles: Outside 58:37 23,587 KB/s Download
6 New Orleans: In the Clear 59:00 22,374 KB/s Download
7 Seattle: Subterranean 59:22 22,533 KB/s Download
8 New York City: I Am a River 59:26 42,564 KB/s Download
9 Trailer 03:30 48,884 KB/s Download
10 Billy Gibbons 06:04 44,764 KB/s Download
11 Carrie Underwood 03:13 38,326 KB/s Download
12 Joan Jett 02:42 39,604 KB/s Download
13 Chuck D 03:27 46,878 KB/s Download
14 Ian MacKaye 06:54 20,724 KB/s Download
15 Gibby Haynes 02:57 29,424 KB/s Download
16 Dolly Parton 01:49 41,598 KB/s Download
17 Dan Auerbach 03:53 38,793 KB/s Download
18 Joe Walsh 02:18 35,935 KB/s Download
19 Barack Obama 03:58 45,382 KB/s Download
20 Inside The Recording: Chicago 15:33 24,942 KB/s Download
21 Inside The Recording: D.C. 10:37 46,305 KB/s Download
22 Inside The Recording: Nashville 16:24 27,936 KB/s Download
23 Inside The Recording: Austin 13:24 42,982 KB/s Download
24 Inside The Recording: Los Angeles 12:01 33,673 KB/s Download
25 Inside The Recording: New Orleans 12:44 46,302 KB/s Download
26 Inside The Recording: Seattle 17:31 31,505 KB/s Download
27 Inside The Recording: New York 12:36 34,112 KB/s Download