The Librarians, Season 1

The Librarians, Season 1

The Librarians

  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Release Date: 2014-12-07
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 19
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Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle: ER, FALLING SKIES) may appear to be an ordinary librarian working at the world-famous Metropolitan Library, but beneath the public library lies the centuries-old headquarters of scholars and adventurers who investigate the bizarre, collect dangerous artifacts and save the world from supernatural threats. This is THE LIBRARY, and Flynn is THE LIBRARIAN. When an ancient evil organization called The Serpent Brotherhood threatens to destroy technology and bring back the age of magic, Flynn and his new Guardian, Colonel Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijn: KING AND MAXWELL, X-MEN), must recruit three extraordinary people who were once Librarian candidates themselves in order to aid in their quest. These ex-candidates are – Cassandra Cillian (Lindy Booth) – a hospital attendant whose life-threatening brain tumor has given her the gift of synesthesia – the ability to link all five senses to her memory. She is particularly skilled in math and science. Jacob Stone (Christian Kane) – a cowboy from Oklahoma who works on oil pipeline and is secretly a published scholar in the fields of art and history. And Ezekiel Jones (John Kim) – a world-class thief with an alarming lack of conscience – and a knack for getting in and out of tight spots. Together, this motley crew of Librarians must race against the Serpent Brotherhood in an attempt to acquire the mythical Crown of King Arthur – along-lost artifact that will grant its possessor control over any other magical object. In the wrong hands, the Crown could unleash devastating power upon the world. The Librarians’ search for the Crown takes them across the Atlantic to Munich, and then the Black Forests of Bavaria, where they find what they’re looking for at the base of a henge. Their victory is short lived however, when a Brotherhood assassin named Lamia (Leslie Ann-Brandt) follows them back to the Library, steals the Crown out from under them, and stabs Flynn with his own sword – the legendary Excalibur. As Judson (Bob Newhart) and Charlene (Jane Curtain) – the Library’s caretakers – sacrifice the Library in order the expel the Serpent Brotherhood, Flynn and his team escape through a portal door and find themselves in the middle of the woods in Portland, Oregon. There they are met by Jenkins (John Larroquette), the reclusive custodian of the Library’s Annex, who takes them in and helps tend to a wounded Flynn. Things go from bad to worse, however, when the Librarians figure out the Brotherhood’s ominous endgame – to introduce magic back into the world byre-inserting Excalibur into its Stone sheath, which is hidden in a secret chamber underneath the heavily guarded Buckingham Palace… If they fail, the world will be plunged into a new Dark Age. But if they succeed (and survive), they will become the new LIBRARIANS.


Title Time Speed
1 And the Crown of King Arthur (Extended C 57:46 50,665 KB/s Download
2 And the Sword in the Stone (Extended Cut 53:38 34,536 KB/s Download
3 And the Horns of a Dilemma (Extended Cut 44:50 38,956 KB/s Download
4 And Santa's Midnight Run (Extended Cut) 41:36 20,426 KB/s Download
5 And the Apple of Dischord (Extended Cut) 44:14 20,442 KB/s Download
6 And the Fables of Doom (Extended Cut) 42:52 45,585 KB/s Download
7 And the Rule of Three (Extended Cut) 44:49 22,154 KB/s Download
8 And the Heart of Darkness (Extended Cut) 43:48 28,553 KB/s Download
9 And the City of Light (Extended Cut) 42:01 21,801 KB/s Download
10 And the Loom of Fate (Extended Cut) 44:30 48,914 KB/s Download
11 Writer Vlog: And the Crown of King Arthu 02:18 28,738 KB/s Download
12 Writer Vlog: And the Horns of the Dilemm 02:40 20,133 KB/s Download
13 Writer Vlog: And Santa's Midnight Run 02:08 47,906 KB/s Download
14 Writer Vlog: And the Apple of Dischord 03:30 49,956 KB/s Download
15 Writer Vlog: And the Fables of Doom 03:31 26,822 KB/s Download
16 Writer Vlog: And the Rule of Three 02:54 36,786 KB/s Download
17 Writer Vlog: And the Heart of Darkness 03:44 40,600 KB/s Download
18 Writer Vlog: And the City of Light 01:47 37,567 KB/s Download
19 Writer Vlog: And the Loom of Fate 01:23 44,681 KB/s Download